We’re One Year Old!


So we’ve survived a year…despite Wall Street sending the World into chaos, Swine Flu, the passing on of a legend (Ed. – We still love you MJ) and more airline crashes than we’d care to mention, we’re still filled with optimism. Maybe it’s because we’re young, or maybe it’s because we know that there is something ever so bright on the horizon.
We at L.i.C.C. want to spend our 1st Anniversary looking forward; we’ve had one heck of a year – we started in 2 stores on the 8th of December 2008 and in those 357 days til now, we’ve managed to grow that number to 12, venture overseas in 2 models, launch a collection on a ramp and even garner over 1,800 fans on Facebook!

I guess what we’re trying to say is thank you – without all of you out there reading our blogs, contributing and (most importantly) buying our jeans, we wouldn’t still be around! Our team has been busting their behinds night and day to continuously develop product for you and, well, we’re glad you appreciate that!

So onwards to 2010 and what it holds for us at design HQ – we have some interesting projects in the pipelines, the most interesting being L.i.C.C. Concept: we’ve decided to take our ramp shows onto a slightly different path, offering a playground for our designers where they can truly go to town! We also have our 3rd season starting to make its way to stores, with some value added product for both men and women, and I guess one of the most exciting things about 2010 is that we get to share so many more experiences like this all over again!

So until then, wishing you and your loved ones a very happy run up to 2010!

Much Love.


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